How The Easy Winder Portable Bobbin Winder

And The Universal Thread Holder

Came To Be

The Designer and Patent Holder of both The Universal Thread Holder and The Easy Winderbobbin winder has over 40 years invested in the sewing machine service trade. John has worked for Viking dealers, Elna dealers, Singer dealers and many others. In 1979 he was employed by The Singer Manufacturing Company in Elizabeth, NJ, where he was an apprentice in the Advanced Thread Handling Department. This is where he learned the importance of proper thread handling. By the early 1980's he was employed by The Singer Service Center in Pinellas County. This was one of only three Singer owned Service Centers in the state of Florida. Here he received hands on experience on just about every brand, make and model of sewing machine on the face of the planet. They were responsible for servicing dealers, as well as the major fabric stores, for more then a third of the state. For the last 20 years he has owned and operated his own wholesale sewing machine service business, servicing machines for many different dealers in the Tampa Bay area. Click HERE to see the list of Dealers John has serviced in Pinellas County over the years. Click HERE to read feedback from some of his Customers on in Pinellas County.

Around 2005 Glenda's Sewing Studio, a Janome Dealer, asked him if he could possibly invent a portable bobbin winder. He gave it some thought, but nothing came out of it. About a year later, Glenda asked him again. This time, on the way back to his shop, more then just the wheels of his truck were turning. At his workbench he cobbled together a bobbin winder motor out of a scrapped Elna Diva, a 9 volt battery, a switch, a hub cap from a '56 Chevy (Just seeing if you're paying attention) and an adjustable guide pin, all onto a small cardboard gift box. It actually worked. And sew began the 2 year development program that led up to The Easy Winderportable bobbin winder. Everything from how fast to wind to how much tension to apply to the thread to how long the thread path needed to be to how long the batteries would last...These are just some of the critical elements that were part of the design process. John applied the same attention to detail that he applies to his service trade, calibrating sewing machines back into factory specifications. The result is an elegantly simple and convenient way to wind bobbins. But don't just take our word for it. Check out our Customer testimonials on the Bobbin Winder page. 


 Testing Winding Speed - Note Handy Unwinding Station In The Backround     Loading Down The Motor To Measure Battery Life

Early Prototype Research And Development

If You Own One Of These It May Someday Be Worth A Lot On eBay!

The First Pre-Production Batch For Field Testing (Rare Red Case Version)


Funny thing is, during this development period, he would show his progress to Glenda and her staff. And they would usually ask him "Well, where does the thread come from?" And his reply was usually something like "Well, that's not my problem!" You see, there is no spool pin on The Easy Winder™. John knew from his early training in thread handling that allowing a spool of thread to spin rapidly on a vertical spool pin to fill a bobbin usually resulted in that spool of thread being launched into the air. He also knew that there were commercial thread stands available, but these were only suitable for cone type threads. As soon as the proverbial light bulb went off, he knew that he now had to develop a thread stand for The Easy Winder™.

And that is how The Universal Thread Holder™ came to be invented.

The design goals for an effective external thread stand were many. It had to handle a multitude of thread types and sizes. It had to be able to let those threads flow with as little resistance as possible. It had to prevent snags and tangles. It had to be fairly compact yet capable of handling large cone type threads. It had to be suitable for supplying thread for sewing machine use. And it had to look nice. Piece of cake!


Some Funky Looking Designs If You Ask Me     The First, The Original, The Universal Thread Holder

Early Prototype Designs - Developing The Concept For The First Universal Thread Holder


Actually, the development of The Universal Thread Holder™ took a lot less time then The Easy Winder™. John's background in thread handling certainly played a hand in this. He was keenly aware of the fact that, way back in 1961, The Singer Manufacturing Company needed a way to supply thread for their first sewing machine with a self winding bobbin. It was impossible for this self winding bobbin mechanism to work properly if it had to constantly yank the thread off of a rotating spool. The solution, a horizontal spool pin where the spool was held motionless allowing the thread to reel off, was invented by a gentleman named Billy Edwards and was Patented by The Singer Company. Today, most sewing machines use this type of spool holder. By the way, during John's time at The Singer Company, Mr. Edwards was the Supervisor of The Advanced Thread Handling Department. One more piece of trivia. The original self winding bobbin machine, the Singer model 600, was originally called the Auto Reel. A Madison Avenue advertising firm that Singer was using at the time coined the name Touch & Sew®, and the rest is sewing machine history.

John's idea was to incorporate the concept of this motionless type of spool holder and, not just make it portable, but scale up it's size to be able to handle, not just spools of thread, but large cones of thread as well. He then had to figure out a way to create enough height to clear the top of a sewing machine, enabling you to use this stand for sewing, not just for winding on a portable device. That's what the swing up and down guide wire achieves. The brass eyelet exit hole allows for what we call Ultra Smooth Thread Handling™ for snag free delivery of whatever thread you are using. And did we mention that it looks great!

Sew, if you are in need of an external thread stand, or if you want to start using all those threads that don't fit on your sewing machine's spool pin, or if your sewing machine's spool pin is broken, or if you have one of those other portable bobbin winders that have only a vertical spool pin.....Basically, if you sew, you need The Universal Thread Holder, and if you want the convenience of a portable bobbin winder, you'll love The Easy Winder.



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