• What Stops the Universal Thread Holder From Falling Over?

There is no force to pull the thread stand over. The thread flows off with no resistance, snags or tangles, so gravity holds it in place. Now, if your sewing table is really cluttered or vibrating severely...

  • Can I Mount The Universal Thread Holder To My Sewing Machine?

The Universal Thread Holder is designed to be free standing, either vertically or horizontally. In fact, once your thread is installed on the holder, you can use it in any position. Even upside down! If needed, you could mount it with the adhesive of your choice (glue, tape, string, Velcro...) to any surface.

  • Do I Have To Pass The Thread Through The Guide Wire?

No. The swing up and down guide wire is available to gain some height to clear a cluttered sewing surface as well as to clear the tops of most sewing machines. However, once the thread passes through the brass eyelet exit hole, it is free to go wherever you need it to go, resistance and tangle free.

  • How Do I Know Which Spool Cap To Use?

The correct size spool cap does two things. It holds the spool in place AND it provides the thread a smooth surface to ride against instead of the rough edges of the spool itself. The correct cap to use should always be larger than the plastic spool.

  • How Can I Use Cone Type Threads?

The Universal Thread Holder comes with a cone adaptor to hold the cone onto the spool pin. The adaptor should be pushed onto the spool pin in whichever position is necessary to hold the cone securely in place. You do not need to use a spool cap with cone type threads.

  • Why Do I Need The Universal Thread Holder?

Because there are sew many sizes of spools and cones that will just not fit on your sewing machine's spool pin. This is where The Universal Thread Holder really comes to the rescue. Now you can sew with all of those specialty threads to create works of art with your sewing machine. Or start using those money saving large economy cones of thread. Also works great for supplying bobbin fill thread for that portable bobbin winder. Or even wind bobbins on your sewing machine without having to un-thread it. The Universal Thread Holder is the most versatile thread stand available.


  • Why Should I Want The Easy Winder Portable Bobbin Winder?

Most sewing machines require you to un-thread and reconfigure them to wind a bobbin. After winding is complete you then have to reconfigure and re-thread them to go back to sewing. In the time it takes to read this answer, you could have completed winding a bobbin using The Easy Winder. Can you un-thread, reconfigure, wind, reconfigure and re-thread your machine that fast?

  • Is The Easy Winder Really Better Then Those Other Portable Winders?

Not only is it better made, it is certainly more convenient to use. For example: A snap in thread guide is quicker and easier to use then looping the thread through an eyelet. It also conditions the thread on it's way to the bobbin. And a preset tension eliminates all the guesswork. There is a good reason why sewing machine manufacturers don't incorporate an adjustable tension for winding bobbins. They use a preset tension to guarantee proper results. Too little tension and the thread winds out of control. Too much tension and it can crack or stress the bobbin. Do you know how much tension to apply to the thread while winding? We do.*

  • Why Is There An Adjustable Guide Pin On The Easy Winder?

Since The Easy Winder can wind a multitude of different bobbins (See The Easy Winder page for the short list of bobbins that don't fit), we've included a user adjustable guide pin to ensure an even wind, regardless of the bobbin type or style. No tools required. Just a simple nudge one way or the other (Explained in more detail in the instructions). Once set for your bobbins, it can be left alone. This guide pin is also utilized to lengthen the thread path for a more even winding process.

  • Why Is There No Cord To Plug Into The Wall?

A number of reasons. The Easy Winder comes with 4 AA Energizer® batteries already installed. These batteries are good for around 5000 winds(!!!). Why would you want to plug it in? A plug in adaptor plus the additional parts involved would only drive up the price. Or we could cheapen the quality to avoid raising the price. Who would do that? And finally, it's not very portable if you have to plug it in!

  • Why Is There No Spool Pin For The Thread On The Easy Winder?

Allowing a spool of thread to spin wildly while winding a bobbin is just not the way to do it. Even if it doesn't launch into the air, the wobbly spinning spool adds an uncontrollable, erratic amount of resistance to the thread. Ever hear of The Universal Thread Holder? 




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* 13 - 15 grams of resistance (tension) are ideal for a properly wound bobbin. Now you know.

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